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31 July 2023



As we turn the last pages of Ruyò Journal's first issue, we want to reflect on what we have created together. This inaugural edition has been dedicated to art, culture, identity, and the power of intersectional narratives in Central Asia. 

We are deeply honoured by the incredible diversity of perspectives that have graced journal pages.
At our hearts lies the commitment to amplifying voices that have long been marginalised or silenced. We are committed to creating a space for our people to shine.

The theme ‘To My Mind’ set the stage for reflections. We witnessed the power of language and its impact on culture and self-perception. Contributors have engaged with questions of belonging, migration, and the complex dynamics of home and identity. 

Each piece revealed a unique human experience.

Within the pages of Ruyò Journal, we discovered the art of storytelling as a means of reclaiming agency and preserving cultural heritage. Through fiction, we were transported to distant worlds, while non-fiction served as a mirror reflecting the shared reality of diverse communities. Art became a powerful tool for healing, resistance, and empowerment.

Throughout Issue 1, the theme of cultural preservation and its intersection with artistic expression emerged as a recurring thread. We are reminded yet again of the urgent need to preserve our cultural heritage.
As we finalise this issue, we extend our gratitude to all the contributors who made this journey possible. Dear sisters, your courage, vulnerability, and creativity have enriched Ruyò Journal beyond measure. We are indebted to you for sharing your stories, knowledge, and artistic brilliance with our readers.

To our readers, thank you very much for your engagement.

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