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June 2023


‘Soft Series’ is an installation of felt sculptures by Ziliä Qansura, an artist from Bashqortostan. The usage of felt is Qansura’s main medium, a practice that finds its roots in Bashqort culture. Accompanied by photographs and a text, ‘Soft Series’ explores a complex interaction between emotional memories and cultural heritage.

For the artist, felt is a physical representation that conveys emotions and sensations through its softness and volume, as her personal experiences are reflected in the sculpting of woolen objects.

The ‘Soft Series’ provides a unique perspective on a female body, focusing on its vulnerability and resistance. It symbolizes the exhaustion and a burden laid on a female body by a system of white supremacy and racialized labor. The project portrays an intimate, vulnerable aspect of the female form, one that is inverted inside out and at the same time monstrous.

Through the ‘Soft Series’ Qansura shares indigenous stories, experiences and resistance against oppressive forces of colonialism. The artist’s commitment to restoring cultural practices and passing on stories from one generation to another is a vital part of healing the community. The installation serves as a reminder of the resilience of Bashqort people and the importance of preserving and celebrating Bashqort culture.

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