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In conversation with her mother Fatemeh leaves things unsaid, silences. 
When the real thing one wants to talk about is too difficult, it either stays silent or become nonsense that might imply certain things. Fatemeh is interested in that nonsense.

Part 1:
Me: Tell me.
Mom: Tell you what?
Me: Tell me, anything.
Mom: I said everything.
Me: Tell me again.
Me: Tell me your opinion?
Mom: My opinion about what?
Me: Don’t answer my question with another question.
Mom: Your question is wrong.
Me: It’s wrong?
Me: What is your opinion?
Mom: It’s positive.
Me: What is your opinion about Mahsa?
Mom: Which Mahsa?
Me: Any Mahsa.
Mom: But which one?
Me: It really doesn’t matter.
Mom: Mahsa as in Sheeva’s sister?
Me: No not that Mahsa.
Mom: Then which one?
Me: Another Mahsa.
Mom: Mahsa, Saeed’s daughter?
Me: Yes that one.
Mom: She is nice.
Me: What’s nice about her?
Mom: She’s a nice person.
Me: How is she doing?
Mom: I have no idea.
Me: What does she look like?
Mom: Mahsa?
Me: Yes.
Mom: She looks like her mom.
Me: Not who she looks like, but what does she look like.
Mom: She has a round face, tanned skin.
Me: What happened to her?
Mom: What do you mean, what happened?
Me: What happened?
Mom: She got married.
Me: When?
Mom: Last year, the year before.
Me: With who?
Mom: I don’t know.
Me: How come?
Mom: I don’t know.
Me: You mean she fell in love?
Mom: I don't know if she fell in love.
Me: People get married without falling in love?
Mom: I don’t know.
Me: Did it ever occur to you?
Mom: Yeah.
Me: Then why don’t you ask?
Mom: Ask who?
Me: Me.
Mom: Ask what?
Me: You said it occurred to you.
Mom: What?
Me: You just said it had occurred to you.
Mom: Yeah.
Me: So ask me.
Mom: Ask you what?
Me: You have the question, you can't ask me what question you want to ask.
Mom: I don’t have a question.
Me: I asked whether it occurred to you if people get married without falling in love.
Mom: Yes.
Me: So ask.
Mom: [Frustrated] It didn't happen.

Part 2:
Mom: Your feet are cold.
Me: The house is cold.
Mom: Are the windows open?
Me: I’m not sure [Laughs].
Mom: Why are you laughing?
Me: Nothing.
Mom: When do you have to wake up tomorrow?
Me: Wake me up at 10:30.
Mom: I will not be home at 10:30.
Me: Where will you be?
Mom: I will be walking.
Mom: What are you laughing at?
Me: I don’t remember.
Mom: Did you speak with your dad?
Me: We spoke yesterday.
Mom: Why did you not speak today?
Me: We will speak tomorrow. 
Me: What did dad do today?
Mom: He went to his mother’s house.
Me: What happened next?
Mom: Then he went home.
Me: What happened next?
Mom: His mom made food for him.
Me: With meat or without meat?
Mom: I don’t know.
Me: What happened after?
Mom: Then he went home.
Me: And then?
Mom: [Annoyed] Nothing. Then Nothing happened.
Me: How is that possible?
Mom: Then he slept.
Me: Are you sure?
Mom: Call him tomorrow and ask what happened.
Me: Tomorrow he might forget.
Mom: Yes.
Me: If he forgets how can he tell me?
Mom: I don’t know but you should follow up on that.
Me: When will dad come?
Mom: On Monday.
Me: When will dad leave?
Mom: Leave where?
Me: To his house.
Mom: This is his house.
Me: No, I mean the other house.
Mom: What other house?

Part 3:
Me: Where did you go?
Mom: I don't have time for this conversation.
Me: Come back, I don't want to sit alone at the table.
Mom: [Returns and sits]
Me: How are you?
Mom: I’m good.
Me: How is everything?
Mom: In the morning your uncle messaged me saying “Good morning” and I responded saying “Good morning”.
Me: What else did he say?
Mom: He didn’t respond.
Me: Are you upset?
Mom: About what?
Me: That he didn’t respond.
Mom: I didn’t say anything that needed a response, I just said “Good morning”.
Me: Well he should have said “Good morning” back to you.
Mom: But he was the one who said “Good morning” first.
Me: What is good morning?
Mom: It means to have a good morning.
Me: Did you have a good morning?
Mom: Yeah it wasn’t bad.

Part 4:
Me: What do you want from God?
Mom: I want health, happine… [Gets interrupted]
Me: No, don’t say the cliche things that everyone says.
Mom: I want from God that next year I can hopefully… [Gets interrupted]
Me: No no don’t say that either!
Mom: [Frustrated] You tell me what you want from God!
Me: For it to come quickly.
Mom: For what?
Me: That's the whole sentence. Now you say, what do you want from God?
Mom: For it to get cold.
Me: [Satisfied, excited] For it to come quickly and to get cold!

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